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Die-casting machine

Ecoline S

The Ecoline S and Ecoline S Pro die-casting machines offer locking forces from 3400 to 8400 kN for the production of aluminum and magnesium parts. Robust and easy to use, clever system solutions offer you flexibility and a remarkable efficiency.

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Key benefits

Reduced programming time

The intuitive touch screen user interface combined with our Ecoline S series control system can cut programming times.

Proven reliability

Our proven joint system provides an extraordinary stability and reliability, in over 2500 applications worldwide.

For improved yield

Best-in-class casting technology delivers higher quality and significant reduction in scrap.

Highlight features

Best-in-class technology

Innovation for higher productivity

Real-time shot control in the first and third phase offers the repeatability you need. The single-circuit system with piston accumulator and integrated intensifier allows a very fast switch-over from second to third phase. Multi-point setting, including braking function, increases the die lifetime and reduces flash for higher overall productivity.

State-of-the-art proportional technology

Overcoming process variations

Die filling at high speed and extreme pressure is a foundational requirement for today’s complex die-casting processes. State-of-the-art proportional technology controls the high-power injection unit during the second phase to overcome process variations and attain consistent results.

Touch-screen monitoring

Improved visibility across your process

The integrated touch-screen operator station connects your operator to the casting process through intuitive screen pages with helpful functions along the entire production process. Settings are stored within the die program, making production changes faster, delivering repeatable quality of your parts and allowing a more accurate production scheduling.

Compared to the previous machine, which produced the same part, we have reduced the internal scrap by around 50 %. The Bühler machine is one of the most reliable in the entire plant.

Pedro Cardoso , CEO, Sonafi

The die-casting machine, sprayer, ladler, and extractor are centrally operated and monitored. Because all peripheral movements are perfectly in sequence with the die-casting machine, you will find optimized cycle times and an increased uptime of your whole die-casting system.

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