Resource efficiency

Saving resources and working toward a better world

Resource efficiency

Saving resources and working toward a better world

Meeting the nutritional needs of a growing population means not only finding new sources of sustenance, but also improving efficiency in food production. Today, over 30 % of the food we produce is lost or wasted – along with the energy it contains.

Bühler aims to reduce waste, energy, and water in its customers’ value chains by 50%. It continues to develop technologies, processes and partnerships that make a significant contribution to tackling these issues.

R&D for resource efficiency

Resource efficiency is about achieving more with less, and we strive to develop processes and solutions to do that. We invest 4-5% of turnover in research and development every year, helping us to find new ways of meeting our ambitious targets.

Saving water

Agriculture accounts for around 70% of freshwater use and is a significant contributor to the worsening global freshwater crisis. We are committed to developing technologies that reduce the water used – and wasted – in food production. 

Solar solutions

Solar power is a key renewable energy source. Some 75% of the world’s silver paste used in solar panels is produced with the use of Bühler machines. And, buildings with glass coated using Bühler processes also require up to 50% less energy for heating and cooling.

Saving 50% of energy waste and water in our customers’ value chains is an ambitious target we can only reach together with our customers.

Ian Roberts , CTO Bühler

The pasta process with the new Ecothermatik as the core equipment.

Ecothermatik pasta dryer

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