Die-Casting Peripherals

Peripheral equipment for your die-casting solution

Die-Casting Peripherals

Peripheral equipment for your die-casting solution

No two cast parts and therefore no two die-casting systems are the same. To meet your requirements, we offer a range of die-casting peripheral devices, including sprayers, ladlers, extractors, robots, markers and vacuum systems.

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The right equipment

A complete production solution

Besides the peripheral equipment you also need the right die-casting machine for your production. Our die-casting machine series are available in various sizes, with locking forces ranging from 3,400 to 84,000 kN. Together with our automation solutions, we tailor the die-casting system precisely to your needs.

Automation solutions

Improved control over your entire die-casting system

Your personal automation solution allows for central monitoring and control of your entire die-casting system. This gives you a real-time overview of your production performance. It also ensures that relevant machine and process data are fully available and can be integrated into your smart factory system.

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